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Our Team

Aleks Huston


Aleks is the great-grandson of the founder, Ward Huston. After graduating from the University of Tampa, he began his career at Xenia Foundry.  Aleks became Director of Operations in 2005 and President in 2008. Outside of work, Aleks enjoys playing tennis and mountain biking.

Bob Huston


Bob is the third generation of the Huston family to own and operate Xenia Foundry.  He is retired from active management and currently performs special projects on a part-time basis.  Bob enjoys tennis, gardening, grandchildren, volunteering for non-profits, and international travel.

Debbie Holton

Production Coordinator

Debbie joined Xenia Foundry in 1985 as a part-time filing clerk.  She soon became Payroll Clerk, and eventually Production Coordinator in 1994. As the liaison between buyers and shipping, Debbie is an integral member of the team keeping casting delivery on-time.  Outside of work, Debbie enjoys watching hockey and gardening.

Denver Mason

Shop Manager

Denver joined Xenia Foundry in 1994 as a finish grinder.  A few years later he was promoted to the Quality Department overseeing materials testing and process improvement.   In 2010, Denver was appointed Shop Manager.  Denver enjoys hunting, hiking, and camping with his family.

Liam Neal

Melt Manager

Liam joined Xenia Foundry in 2007 as a finish grinder.  He then worked in many foundry departments including melting and nobake molding.  With prior expertise in mechanical maintenance, he was promoted to Maintenance Foreman.  In 2015 he was appointed Melt Manager.  Liam enjoys gardening with his family, auto repair, and hunting.

Jae Adams

Administrative Manager

Jae joined Xenia Foundry in 2009 after a career in the staffing business, bringing over 15 years of experience in business administration.  Her main responsibilities include Human Resource Management, Accounting and IT.  When away from the office, Jae enjoys adventuring around the world, playing classical piano, knitting, and reading.

Shelby Scott

Administrative Assistant

Shelby joined Xenia Foundry in 2014, and quickly became a hub for the team, providing administrative support.  In addition to being the friendly face at the door, she processes accounts payable, and assists in many other functions.  When away from the office, Shelby chases her two very active children and attends exercise classes.

Celeste Johnson

Continuous Improvement Manager

Celeste joined Xenia Foundry in 2018.  With an education from Georgetown University and a career in recruiting and business operations, she brings 20 years of experience in the areas of process improvement, quality assurance, operations support, and project management. Outside of work Celeste enjoys kayaking, learning new languages, traveling, and visiting art museums.

Reed Huston

Production Manager

Reed represents the 5th generation Huston to work at Xenia Foundry.  He mastered the art of pouring iron and running the furnace, and is now sharpening his skills in the grinding room.  Outside of work Reed enjoys rollerblading and walking his dogs Jack and Walrus.